About Us

The Club owes its origins to a group of Telephone Engineers who got together as Hav Tel Model Aircraft Club, but who then changed the name to Haverfordwest Model Club so as to enable any member of the general public to join.

In those days the Club had a membership of around twenty whose main interests were free flight and control line flying. The club grew in strength and became affiliated to the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers (SMAE), now using the name of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).

During the early years the Club flew their models at Haverfordwest Race Course and on MOD land at the now closed Talbenny Airfield. The advent of radio control forced a move to a larger site, this being Templeton Airfield.

A number of members fly gliders of various types, mainly slope soarers and are usually to be found on the hills above Puncheston. The main interest in the Club lies with aircraft, but a few members have now ventured into the world of radio controlled boats and Drones.


The Club has supported local village fetes and agricultural shows over many years and as a result decided to hold its own show in 1986. The first show was a one day affair which proved to be very successful, the proceeds donated to local charities. The second and subsequent shows, held at Scolton Manor Country Park, have been two day events and all those who attend, traders, modelers and the spectators alike have a very enjoyable time.

Through the generous support of one member we can hold our monthly discussion meetings in the very pleasant surroundings of  Charlie’s, Croft, Reynalton, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, SA68 0PE. These take place on the second Monday of each month starting at 7.30pm.

We cover several types of RC disciplines so whatever type of modelling interests you – please come along.

All clubs and organizations are only successful when its members are dedicated and hard working. We have been fortunate to have many members who have contributed to the success and life of the club.

Here, Haverfordwest Model Club would like to pay our respects to several members who have sadly passed away, but contributed a lot to the growth and success of the club.

Reg Strudley

Reg joined Haverfordwest Model Club in the early 1980’s after moving to West Wales from Burton-on-Trent. He was elected Club Chairman in 1988. When he stepped down as Chairman, he remained in office as Vice Chairman.

He was a qualified Volvo mechanic and his skills with all things mechanical made him the first port of call when club mowers, generators and other items of plant used to maintain the flying site at Templeton required servicing or repair.

He prepared and distributed the Club Newsletter often requesting articles and photographs from members for inclusion.

In 1988 Haverfordwest Model Club decided to form a show committee and supported local village fetes and agricultural shows with both static and flying displays. Due to their popularity the club decided to hold its own one day show at Scolton Manor Country Park. This was so successful it turned into a two day show which then ran for twenty five years with Reg at the helm, raising over £25,000.00 for the local Wales Air Ambulance. 

Modellers from all areas of the UK supported these events. Many friendships between clubs and their members were forged during these events, as Reg, together with several club members travelled the country helping out wherever possible. 

As Chairman, Reg helped to hold the club together in rough and turbulent times. A very valuable Officer, club member and friend, who will be greatly missed.

Bill Hardy

He was an early member of the Haverfordwest Model Club and whenever there was an Air Show, BBQ or Fly-in Bill was always at the centre.

He loved to assist new fliers and during summer months was usually found at the flying field, flying or encouraging new members. He had a great sense of humour and with Marge at his side was always at the centre of events.